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Saturday, 8 October 2011

So...its been a while...

Hello, blogging denizens of the world!

Its been a while. My last blog was....20 freaking months ago. Jeez...

So, whats happened since?

Well, I graduated. So now theres a fancy little BSc (Hons) after my name, should I choose to look like a fancy pants. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance yet. Having said that, part of my reasoning for going to university was to get letters after my name...and to graduate, which is more or less essential to the first task. So, 2 life goals ticked off the check list there!

So, im no longer at the O-Bar, which I miss terribly. Im now back in Kent!

After a short and rather unfulfilling stint at a local pub, which ended strangely and well...ridiculously to say the least.

But then, there was a light! After a local cider fueled weekend in Cornwall, I started working at Sound & Image, my local Guitar and Record shop! Which was excellent, as I listened to fantastic music all day, got to play fancy guitars, and made the most of it!

But that was...2 months ago nearly. Im still there on a Saturday, but now, Monday to Friday, I work in the mad and frantic world of London, for a record label.

Sunday Best Recordings LTD is my base now, Radio 1 DJ and Camp Bestival/Bestival curator extraordinaire Rob Da Bank's label. Dealing with acts such as Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip, Beardyman, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and many more.

Commuting. Sucks. So tiring. A warning to all.

But, im learning. Its tough, but im getting there. And I got to go to Bestival, meet people, and got paid to be there! And, I work on Denmark Street. GUITARS EVERYWHERE! That I can't afford :( Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfuckitillcope.

So, thats me.

Other than that, i've put some covers onto YouTube!

Have a look, tell me what you think!

Other than that, not a lot.

Some music for your ears though. No links though, so google IS your friend!

Scroobious Pips latest album, Distraction Pieces is a masterpiece. That is all. Listen. I mean listen. Hes a poet and spoken word artist. But dont think of it as poetry. Its got a hard music vibe to it.

Foo Fighters latest offering Wasting Light is awesome. Im a FF fanboy, and finally got the chance to see them live this year. So I might just be a little bias...

You Me At Six's 'Sinners Never Sleep' is also awesome, as is Mastodons 'The Hunter' is also a great offering, less prog but more still punchy.

So thats it. Hopefully ill be keeping this updated more now. And I need to get a few more covers up onto the YouTube Channel and some originals too!

Much love, happiness, hugs and naughty things.

PaisleyMusic x

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