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Monday, 22 February 2010

And now for something completely different

Hello again all.

Im in the mood to blog, so this is probably going to contain a lot of nonsense as I haven't planned any music to show you guys! Maybe i'll write about what i've been up to instead.

Valentines day is a day I love, purely because I always get cards and presents. Arrogant you might say. My birthday, I would reply! I am now officially 'Over the hill', or just plain old, as a friend of mine keeps calling me at the moment. I prefer to just say 21. Its easier.

One of the best things I did over my birthday weekend this year was to go for a Cut Throat Shave, a la Sweeny Todd, but minus the death, being made into a pie, and Alan Rickman singing. If you are male, and grow facial hair (Hence the previous male comment. If your female, be worried.), I highly recommend it. My father, brother, and I travelled up to London to St James Road (Near Piccadilly, which is where you'll find many of the high fashion shops, i.e. Tiffanys, Prada, and also Alexander McQueen, which had a very fitting black window display with nothing but a bouquet of white roses in each window, god rest him.) and went to a barbers called Truefitt & Hill. I will mention, that at £40 odd, it was the most expensive shave of my life. However, its like being 13 again. My Dad, a 50 year old, was amazed. You get the works there. Hot towel, face massage, advice, everything. Thoroughly enjoyable, and well worth it.

My old man and I, looking very youthful!

Its the simple things in life that do it though. Going home and seeing my Parents and family, having my cat attack me as per usual, because it chooses to sleep in my bed when i'm not home, and gets the hump when I try to claim it back!

Le Mog, looking blurry on a sleeping bag!

Im still doing the radio, for those of you interested. Its all changed a bit though since the start of the year. No longer will I be on the airwaves for 3 hours. Just 2 now, which is much nicer really. Means I don't have to rush to work for 8 if thats when I start. So tune in from 4-6 on a Friday to hear my lovely voice, or any other week day, if you can bear to be without my tones!

Well, I think that will do for now. Should have another written by the end of the week with lots of music for you guys to listen to.


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