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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Blog Numero Uno

Hello, welcome to PaisleyMusic!

With any luck, this blog will contain mostly mindless ramblings about my day to day life, the blog I write for DemonFM (When I remember to...), music that i've either written, recorded or performed on, and suggestions to other musicians for your aural pleasure. Heh...aural pleasure...

But I digress, dirty jokes aside (Yes, there will be more. No, they wont be funny), music is my life, and I love being able to share new, old and exciting tunes with everyone.

I myself am a guitarist/vocalist, but dabble in bass, drums and keyboards. Blues and rock are currently my main themes at the moment, but having learnt to play guitar to classic rock, indie metal and alternative rock, I like to switch things up a little and see what happens. I also engineer, produce and help other peoples music, which I should be able to put up on here for you lovely people to hear.

So, my first gem for you comes from the lovely Lucina-Olivia Norris. A singer/songwriter who lived above me in my first year of uni, she has an absolutely stunning voice. Inteligent lyrics and soungs with a brillian acoustic/jazz vibe, she brings something new to the slightly dull acoustic fore of modern times.

Now, I cocked up a bit here, and mixed it so that the guitar comes from one speaker, and the vocals from another, and the guitars not loud enough. I've been too lazy to fix it, so you'll have to deal with it for now im afraid, but ill sort it soon!

Lucinda-Olivia Norris EP  by  Paisleymusic

Let me know what you think, but bear in mind its a work in progress at the moment :)

Hmmm, what else can I talk about? Oh yes, my music! Finally, after 7 odd years of guitar playing, im starting to write songs. So far, in a year i've written.....2. Spectacular I know, but im getting there! At the moment they have a bit of a jazz vibe to them, but blended with a bit of blues. We'll see. Lucy is writing some lyrics for one at the moment, but im going to have a bash at the other.

Now, some recomendations for you all! Heard of Dan Le Sac? He's the beat making, music mashing half of the powerful spoken word/electro miestros that are Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip. Much to my delight the other day while scouring the web for some music, I came across his website! More importantly, I stumbled onto his blog, Packed with mix tapes and remixes (Mostly free to download, featuring Florence + The Machine, Black Sabbath, Radio Head and Flat Eric(!) to name a few), it gives an interesting take on remixes, and I would definately say give it a go, even if your not into the whole electro thing, you might just change your mind..... Heres the Black Sabbath remix, its got quite a tasty D&B vibe, but not in an annoying "CONSTANT RELENTLESS DRUMBEAT AND BASS" kind of way, tell me what you think.

DRUMS OF DEATH V BLACK SABBATH V dan le sac - Ozzzzzy! (dls dnb ish) by danlesac

Right, I think thats about it for now. With any luck you'll hear from me again soon, so stay tuned, leave me some comments, things to listen to and opinions.

Stay Paisley,


P.S. Im using SoundCloud to upload this music, and its ruddy brilliant. I suggest checking it out if your trying to get your music online. Its free.

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