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Thursday, 17 December 2009

DemonFM Blog 1 - Return of the Blog Cowboy

Here is the first Blog that I wrote for DemonFM. The blog names are after album titles....see if you can guess!


I thought it was about time I sat down and scribbled a blog out for you lovely people to read. This is pretty much, with any luck, going to be a weekly stream of consciousness for you to trawl though and try and make some sense of! But I digress, lets get on with the blog shall we?

I'm Luke Crook, one of the presenters from the Rush Hour show with Iain, Asha, Kyle, Craig and Mike DeVille. But of course, your all avid listeners, so you know that....right?! I hope your all enjoying the show, I'm certainly have a good time myself, but I'm a little gutted I missed the on-mass baconaise/bacon salt session that Kyle and Iain were invited to by Rewind. Think I'll have a few quiet words with Mr Harris....

Now, a little bit about my week so far! Having just got away from a bad chest cold, I'm feeling like a brand new man! So, after an entertaining shift at the O-Bar on Monday, I was out filming for one of my uni modules. If you saw a man in a brown jumper standing deathly still by the Uni Steps, that was me, and it was bloody cold!!! Wednesday was radio time, with me joining Asha for the show, and it was good fun, made better by the fact that Iain and Kyle left it to us! Bit of power feels good!! Thursday Iain and I played open mic at the Quay, which was entertaining as always, especially when you end the set on a jungle book cover...with ukulele accompaniment! Then, Friday! Iain and I presented the show! And gave away 2 Ed Byrne tickets for Sunday night! Well done to Ollie for winning them! Then we were both in the studio recording one of my friends EP, which is also double up as some of my coursework...cheeky, i know :D.

And now, its Saturday, I'm in my PJ's and dressing gown still, building up the courage to get on with the day and be productive....but then again....surely this is productive? I don't know anymore, I need another cup of tea!

So, on that note, I shall leave you to listen away and get on with your day.

Thanks for reading, and keep on listening to the Rush Hour, "Driving you home!".....we need to change that ident...

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